Do you have comments and/or corrections related to Alliston on the Boyne?

Do you have photographs, documents and/or vignettes from Alliston's past to contribute to the Alliston historical archives held at Museum on the Boyne in Alliston?

Do you have memorabilia that you wish to better identify?

There is much more of Alliston's history to be recorded. Alliston on the Boyne is just a beginning. I plan to write at least one more book to record the history of businesses, Stevenson Memorial Hospital, the library, sports, service clubs, arts and entertainment, the war years, local farming operations and more. Any memorabilia on these topics as well as new information, photographs or corrections related to the content of Alliston on the Boyne are welcome. Book two may include an addendum of new content pertaining to the first book.

Please contact us to discuss any of the above.

Requests for Identification

Are you lacking information for any of your memorabilia? Hopefully, this site will connect those with questions to those with answers. I offer the first request.

Unidentified Monument

Unidentified Monument

The request concerns a monument, crated and reinforced with iron bars, that sits in the basement of a building in downtown Alliston.